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White Plains Debt Collection Lawyer

If you are a business owner or attorney, you probably just don’t have the time to chase down the people who haven’t been paying their bills. For most businesses and law firms, collections is difficult, time-consuming work that distracts from organizational goals.

As a White Plains debt collections attorney with more than 40 years of legal experience, I handle collections matters for all kinds of creditors, from individuals to attorneys with unsatisfied judgments, to businesses and credit unions. I also handle subrogation claims for insurance companies.

Representing Creditors In All Phases Of Debt Collection

Every collections case is different: Some clients come to me having done nothing to contact the debtor whatsoever, and some come to me much later in the process. When I am on the case right from the beginning, there are a number of things that can happen. I represent clients at every stage of the collections process:

  • Quick resolution: Although it is rare, I have seen a number of cases that have ended very quickly. Once I make contact with the debtor, that person starts paying my client almost immediately and the problem is solved. For some people, communication from an attorney is all it takes. For others, we can sometimes negotiate a one-time payment settlement or a payment plan.
  • Pursuing debtor: If the debtor does not make a prompt settlement or start making payments, I will continue to pursue the debtor for as long as needed.
  • Lawsuit: If the debtor continues to avoid payment, a lawsuit may be needed. Given my more than 35 years of experience in litigation, I regularly win debt collection lawsuits for my clients.
  • Post-judgment enforcement: Winning a lawsuit is not the end of the story. Debtors who get sued may not pay their debts simply because the court directs them to. In that case, I employ proper legal methods to garnish wages, attach accounts, and seize vehicles and other assets to make sure clients get paid.

I have been hired at every conceivable point in the overall collections process, from the very beginning before the initial contact with the debtor, to the beginning of the lawsuit, to the post-judgment collections after the lawsuit has already been won. Wherever you are in the process, the sooner you contact me, the more I can do to help you.

When you work with the White Plains law firm of Peter B. Ackerman, Esq., you are working with a solo firm. This means that you will work with me — your lawyer — throughout the process, not an assistant or associate. It also means you will save. Being a one-attorney firm allows me to keep my overhead low and streamline my collections processes so that my fees — strictly contingency based — are always competitive. Even as a solo practitioner, I am able to help clients with collections matters involving debtors anywhere in the country.

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