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Turning Judgments and Accounts Receivable Into Money

30 years of legal experience in debt collection and subrogation.

Collecting Debts
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Experienced At Collections And Subrogation

Collecting debts, past-due bills and judgments can derail an otherwise successful business. Because most businesses and insurance companies do not handle collections as a fundamental aspect of their work, they lack the ability to collect payments and judgments efficiently.

As a White Plains collections attorney with more than 30 years of legal experience, I know how to turn accounts payable and judgments into money for my clients. The Westchester County law firm Peter B. Ackerman, Esq. provides representation:

  • For businesses: Most businesses are too busy to handle their own debt collections issues in-house, and they are unable to handle collections as efficiently as someone who focuses exclusively on this kind of work.
  • For insurance companies: I have extensive experience handling insurance subrogation matters. My collections expertise is particularly helpful in pursuing uninsured defendants in subrogation matters.
  • For attorneys: There are many attorneys who are great at winning judgments for their clients. The problem is actually receiving payment on those judgments. Most talented, successful litigators understand that collections work is a time-consuming process that pulls them away from what they do best. Because I focus exclusively on debt collection-related matters, I can provide post-judgment enforcement services in a streamlined, cost-effective manner.

Whether you hire me before you’ve sent a single demand letter or after the final judgment has been awarded by the court, I will pursue any debtors to obtain the money you deserve.

Personalized Service

The law firm of Peter B. Ackerman, Esq. is not a collections mill. In order to provide the attention required in each case, I generally do not handle claims worth less than $3,000. Since this is a one-attorney firm, you will work with me, your lawyer, throughout your case.

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I generally work on a strict contingency fee basis. You will not be asked to pay attorney fees until you get the money owed to you. I offer competitive contingency percentages. To talk with a lawyer about collections, subrogation or post-judgment collections, call my Westchester law firm or contact me online.

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