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Turning Judgments and Accounts Receivable Into Money

Bringing subrogation claims, collecting past-due debts and court-ordered judgments requires persistence and tenacity.

As a White Plains debt recovery attorney, my clients appreciate the fact that I do not close a file until either the money has been paid or I have exhausted all possible means for collections. I provide my clients with:

  • Experience: I have been practicing law since 1978, focusing on collections-related work since 1992. I have the experience and skill to get you the money that is owed to you.
  • Full-service collections: I handle collection matters at all stages of the process. I can represent you for the initial contact with a debtor, then for a lawsuit, if necessary, and finally through enforcement of a court-ordered judgment. I represent businesses, individuals, other attorneys, insurance companies and banks for debt collections, insurance subrogation and post-judgment enforcement.
  • Personalized service: Peter B. Ackerman, Esq. is a solo firm, so you will work with me, your attorney, rather than a team of nameless assistants and paralegals. Generally, I only take cases of $3,000 or more so that I can give my clients the attention they deserve.  

For many businesses or attorneys, collecting from delinquent debtors or enforcing court-ordered judgments can take precious time and resources away from their primary tasks. I focus exclusively on collections-related work, and I have been doing this type of work for nearly 20 years. I offer efficient and effective collections and subrogation services at the best price possible.

Contingency Fees ∙ You Don’t Pay Attorney Fees Until You Get Your Money

As a one-lawyer firm, I am able to offer my experienced representation at competitive contingency fee percentages. You will not pay attorney fees unless and until I collect your money.

To talk with a lawyer about your collections, subrogation or post-judgment enforcement, call Peter Ackerman at 914-368-2429 or contact me online.

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